Monday, 10 June 2013

Iron Hands


Ive been away for awhile but i thought i would share some current WIP. I have been using an airbrush in order to do the undercoats and abit of weathering. Going for a very simple scheme and using the chipped metal effect for the marines as i hate highlighting black!

Anyway Enjoy!!

Storm Talon




Space Marines



Monday, 18 March 2013

Anvil Industries Review

So for those of you who haven't seen, Anvil Industries are a small company making resin minis and conversion bits. While these arent listed as 'games workshop' compatible. The marine size ones are a excellent fit for marine models. The following bits ive used are the bionic arms, legs and chainswords. There are a host of other bits but ill leave a link for you to all look at!

The Bits -

I have to say that the quality of casting from Anvil Industries is second to none. There are hardly any model lines and no bubbles at all. Kromlech are the only other company ive seen with this quality of casting. Certainly puts forgeworld to shame, but thats what you get for going mass production on resin. The legs either come in a pack of 5 or you can buy the multi part legs which come in 2's. The only issue i have is repeating of poses but you get that with anything.

Marines -

So here are some pics of the bionic legs on a marine torso for size comparison. The only problem i had was that the ball joint is perhaps slightly too big and the resin doesn't take to super glue very well. That really the only downside i can say, otherwise really nice parts and go very well with my Iron Hand marines!

Pricing and Shipping -

Pricing is quite reasonable for some top quality bits and it was £4 for the legs and £2.25 for the multi part legs (this is only one set of legs with different thighs) and £3.50 for the arms. I had alittle issue with a torso being missing. But uber customer service from Joel there has sent me a replacement out in no time! So overall im very happy with the quality and pricing!

I do recommend if your after any aftermarket bits. Plus there are loads of gun conversions and other bits of bionics for other models.

Anvil Industries Website

Friday, 15 March 2013

Little bits

Sooo I'm sorta been upto stuff, trying to do my iron hands army and some vampire counts. Here some pics anyway!

Big cannon

Converted Storm Talon

Vampire Counts

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Etheral Zombies!

Well ive been painting here are the first ten done and i went mad with the blood effect but i like it. Nice quick easy scheme which i think suits the models quite well

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Undead Cometh

So then my arch nemsis Mr Fischer from a taste of choas blog has been pestering to get me to do a fantasy army. So i have, vamps all the way, so this along with my 40k stuff will be appearing on here along with a few battle reports. Ive been quite slow due to work and having to study for an exam so im now hopefully going to be updating every other week. Anyway here is some WIP stuff for you
Here are some of the test schemes. Im using the LOTR army of the dead as etheral zombies as i prefer these models to the current zombies!
More to come!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Its been awhile

Im not dead I think this photo will explain all.

But ive got some new toys

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Choas Day

Okey dokey, ive been quite, new job hasnt left me alot of time for hobby and after the last two tournaments and stuff with the podcast ive had abit of hobby burn out! So having now been paid im off to nottingham and wawrhammer world for a weekend of drinking and probably not soo much gaming photos to come!

(Ps ill sort out the length of the wayland games banner, ive been lazy!)