Monday, 28 December 2009

Lack of Updates


umm its been awhile ive been alittle busy, im currently in melbourne, Australia traveling the globe for alittle while and so ive had to put my hobby on hold however i will try and update people about the gaming stuff i find!

As for hobby posts they maybe awhile, so you may have to wait!

Anyway when ive got some fun news ill stick it up!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gamesday Uk 2009 Update part 1

So ive just come back from a long trek back from sunny birmingham from gamesday 2009. Just to let you know this report will be in two parts, part one of course will be all the new (lack) of stuff i managed to rangle from gamesday. The next update will be an overiew!

I'm not going to put up stuff available on warseer / bell of lost souls. All this info is on stuff i havent seen reported and info from people i chatted to at gamesday, so please take with a pinch of salt etc.


1) First off, no space wolf codex (explained in part 2)
2) Complete lack of any details on most stuff
3) Codex preview for nids
4) Some daemon greens and tallarns etc (on warseer)

Not alot else really coming to light.


This is where i found all the new stuff

1) Working on elysians etc and ATV, pics are on warseer
2) Spoke to Mr bedford, really nice chap and had some good hobby tips too. I got chatting to him about the IA masterclass books and asked if anymore where being done. He said 'yes' and said that it would be following diorama building.

This lovely piece he built and painted would be featured in it. No release date etc, so no idea what else it will cover but should be good!

3) Spoke to Will Hayes (builds large titans!) at Forgeworld and just generally chatted about what size limits FW had. From the sounds of it not alot and i asked the pressing question, would they build a bigger titan to which he replied, they may do a phantom! Though what i actually meant was a warload. But from the sounds of it these are viable projects and we could see these in the future.

4) Spoke to Darren Parrwood about some concept sketches and the mock up of a imperial lander of some sort. From the sounds of it, they where trying to get away from the valkyrie style and i believe this photo (which is everywhere now) is the concept for a space marine landing craft. Or so i was told.

I asked Mr Parrwood about how long it takes to get from prototype to the final model. Darren was quite friendly and said he would spend about 2 months minimum to get to the final build before cast up. So if this project does go through i expect to see it after xmas or prehaps before.

5) Nice large orky diorama, prehaps feature in the new vraks book. Didnt really ask though.

Other than that not alot. A full update and review will be posted tomorrow.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Gt Update 2


So ive been upto abit more stuff. Havent been able to undercoat stuff as im waiting for some Vallejo black undercoat to appear as a replacement for the GW stuff which has been going grey on me!

Ive just built some objective markers for my upcoming x legion tournament

And here is the work in progress cross design i tried. I think i used too much undercoat and i couldn't get the sharpness in it. Its really trial and error and its the first time ive done this sort of thing. Its ok for gaming quality, but i would of liked it to come out abit better. Just need some more practice though.

I was happy with the gems though this isnt a great photo.

C&C please, like to know what you all think?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

GT update + Tutorial!

Update - Due to a dentist costing me 240 quid i am unable to take this army which was abit of a pig, but ive got about 4 jetbikes im gonna paint. Here is a semi completed one, just need to do the gems and seat. Let me know what you think?

Tutorial Time - Here im going to show you how to get lovely neat lines on jet bikes, other tutorials will show you the more advanced methods for doing zig zag patterns.

Part 1 - Spray canopy white and paint a bone line (doesnt have to be neat), this one took 3 layers of watered down bleach bone for a nice flat finish.

Part 2 - Mask off the selected area (6mm masking tape, though you can use any size)

Part 3 - Spray black

Part 4 - Wait till its dry and pull off the tape and presto, nice neat straight line! Easy and this is just the beginning for stuff you can do!

Anyway ill update with finished bike at some point!

Tau Army List Template


here is another army list template this time, its a tau one! Nice and easy and it was done as ive got to take a tau army to a tournament. So if you are after any templates please let me know and ill try do them.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Throne of Skulls Heat 1 2009 Project log!

So now ive got some pics, ive changed the army and decided to go with a dirty flying seer council of death! (List to come)

So it involves lots of jet bikes and so to help me paint these quickly ive decided to mask some areas and break the bikes down and paint lovely zig zag patterns and alsorts!

So here are some pics, its only a quick update but ill let the pics speak for themselves!

Here is the masking tape, ive got it in 0.5mm upto 6mm to help do patterns brilliant stuff, look on ebay for it, very cheap!

Till the next update!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Mystery Box and Space Hulk Rumour


as we know there is a mystery box coming out in august and according to my very very trusted sources i can say it is a board game of some sort from what ive been told. Where as space hulk will not be this splash release. Supposedly the tiles will be plastic and are currently being produced in china and should be out for the late quarter of the year.

Now i know its nothing special and the usual suspect sites have discussed this greatly. But some food for thought!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Grand Tournament / Throne of Skulls Heat 1 Army

Here is my GT list im thinking of taking, it will be interesting i think. I think im gonna drop the plasma sponsors and use the points to upgrade to a Inquisitor Lord. But anyway let me know what you think


Company Command
Officer of the Fleet
Company Standard

Elites -

Allied Inquisitor
Power weapon/bolt pistol/Psychic hood

Troops -

Infantry Platoon

Command - Autocannon/Vox

Infantry squad (x2)
Power Weapon
Vox (x1)

Heavy Weapons Team
3 x lascannon

Troops -

Vet Squad (x1)
3 x Flamer
Chimera + heavy flamer

Vet Squad (x2)
3 x melta gun
Chimera + heavy bolters

Heavy Support -

2 x Griffon

Leman Russ
Heavy Bolter Sponsors

Leman Russ Demolisher
Plasma Cannons

Pts - 1496

GW Rumours! Star wars looking!


right this photo was taken in march, when i was at warhammer world looking through windows being abit naughty. God knows what it is, maybe just somebodies side project but looks very star wars ish!

So who knows, probably nothing but ya never know!

Guard Updates

Right here are some guard updates for you all, ive been pretty lazy with the conversions as im trying to save time and im behind on my schedule for this army! Ive been having troubles with my camera, so the pics arent great im afraid. This will improve!

Here is a skipper from one of my infantry squads using the cadian vet upgrades from forgeworld.

These are my veterans with the grenidiers option. Im using scouts as they come with shotguns plus, cadian heads and the respirator heads from forgeworld. These pics show my converisons for meltaguns. As you can see ive cut down and modded a bolter and im using guitar wire to rig up the back (melta bomb) and the gun. As you can see, though i havent put the wire on yet.

Here is a chimera for the flamer vets, ive masked off the tracks as im wearing and airbrushing the tank with oils first. Again im a fan of stripped down tanks, plain and simple!

Ill add some more photos as soon as i fix my camera! Hope you enjoy and competitions details to follow!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Writers / Hobbyists Wanted!!!

Ok my pics of my guard army are coming (i keep saying it but they will be) and i hope to be doing some more army list templates for people! But im after some budding hobbyists to do some tale of the 4 gamers and become regular contributors to 40k bunny in order to get the hobby out there abit more! And help me put more pics in this blog!

Im hoping to run some competitions and etc and id like some regular writers to help me out judging! As well as write about anything hobby related, such as covering events and tournaments, painting guides, tutorials and a whole load of other stuff, which i shall be doing as well!

So if you fancy becoming a regular writer here pls e-mail me at with some ideas!

Also when we reach a 1000 views i shall be doing a competition to give away some free stuff!

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Guard Army List Template


ive been busy putting models together! I promise pics soon. However in my mean time ive created some easy to use army list templates for guard. To use them, using open office or word, format the page and set the image as a background. I made these in A4 size in order to fit the page. You will need to re set the page margins in order to fit.

Army List Template 1

Army List Template 2

Or if your lazy ive put it into a file for you here

Army List Template in Word

I have based these on the bolter and chainsaword ones you can get. However ive removed the top as i found it to be quite annoying. Also because there template arent quite the correct size as well.

If you got any ideas for improvements let me know.

Some Guard Tourney Lists


sorry i haven't updated. Been busy with work, however ive got photos coming tomorrow of what ive been upto. Any, ive decided on my guard list and colour scheme (hope it looks gd). But ive been having alook at other guard lists im likely to see at the GT and i think this will be a popular one.

(Nabbed from Warseer)

Command w/ 4 Melta guns (Ride in the 2 Vendetta Squadron)

10 Veterans w/ 3 Melta guns (Ride in the 2 Vendetta Squadron

10 Veterans w/ 3 Melta guns (Ride in a Vendetta)

10 Veterans w/ 3 Melta guns (Ride in a Vendetta)

2 Vendettas



Lemun Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter sponsors

Lemun Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter sponsors

Lemun Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter sponsors


Personally i think that its a one trick pony army that needs the first turn to cause the damage to tanks and any infantry sitting about. If it doesnt get turn one it will struggle against most armies. As AV12 isnt gonna save you from most things sitting about in armies. Using mine for comparison, ive got 4 autocannons, 3 multi lasers, 6 melta guns, battlecannon and demo cannon and plasma cannons. I would only have to damage 2 or 3 out of the 6 and it would cause problems. Admitelly i dont like facing leman russ, i love the fact mine are quite hardy and i have a feeling so are other peoples! Outlfanking is unreliable to be honest in a tourney situation, its a big gamble.

Also the major problem with a valk is its size and this paragrapgh taken from the 40k rulebook.

P71 - Small one

Skimmer section at the bottom

'Note that it is not permitted to remove the flying stand other than in two cases above, as normally skimmers cannot land in battle conditions'

The two cases are basically when it gets immoblized or blown up.

This means you got 6 massive models that have to be on very large stands, which means nice big targets!

So anyway ill put my army list up with some pics tomorrow. But please discuss! It be interesting to see what your guys and gals think or the army?

Friday, 26 June 2009

KR Multi Case Review

Today im gonna do another review, looking at the KR multi case. So lets get on with it.
  • Cost ?????
The case cost me 60 quid, cheapest i could find it from the Aldershot Game Shop in surrey. What was cool was i got to pick which set of foam i got! Other UK based retailers ive seen are Wargames Workshop and your looking at about 70 quid for the case including postage, its fairly steep to be honest when a GW case is 60 quid of similar size. So price wise its up at the top end of the scale for large cases, but to be honest for the money i think its about right maybe abit more expensive due to the cardboard boxes within.

  • Whats inside??
Inside you get two smaller cases which contain a nice blue foam, the first time i saw the case i was alittle put off by having cardboard cases, however the blue carry case is padded out nicely and the cases fit in nice and snuggley. And will easily protect the case from being hit around abit. As i said if only they made these out of a light plastic rather than cardboard, id be happier. Also when you consider the cost. You can buy foam and seperate cases from retailers, but your looking at about 20 quid each. While it means you can have one large case to carry and smaller ones to store, i still think its slightly over priced. Build quality though i cant fault at all, good stitching on the blue case, foam and boxes are fairly rigid for cardboard!

Inside you get to choose from a variety of foam, in this case i choose to take a tank section (custom one with removable foam) and a troop section which can get 36 models in each and there are three layers. But these are huge spaces for models and you probably could get 2 x 28mm models standing up in each slot. I was quite impressed with the foam to be honest and i reckon i can get about 5 guard tanks in one case (3 chrimea, 2 leman russ and a griffon).

Overall its a item im quite impressed with, despite being alittle on the steep side, build quality i cant fault and should last ages and will certainly deal with as much damage as my old plastic GW case. I went after it really as i want abit of flexibility with storage and this gives it despite being expensive. But also has tons of room in it for a case!

  • So i give it 8 bunnies out of 10. Mainly as if it was slightly cheaper it would be a steal! Also because its quite expensive for cardboard, i think the cases should be made from light weight plastic!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Imperial Guard in 6 weeks or so!

Rightie, so im been lazy ive finally got some pics etc to show.
Here is the colour scheme for the guard, the photo isnt great and its abit rough (mold lines etc) but it was done as a test and im quite happy with it, so this is the 322 nd Green Rifles regiment.

My current schedule is the following:

Command Squad
45 Guardsmen (heavy weapons and extra)
30 Veterans

3 Chimeras
Leman Russ

(plus maybe some inquisition stuff depending on rules packs)

Im currently in the construction phase (3 weeks) to construct that lot, ive so far got the command squad and about 20 guardsmen put together.

Here are some pics of the set up for the heavy weapon squads -

And here is a concept of a veteran that i borrowed from one of the guys at micro art studios, he used it for a mini's on a valk base.

So hopefully ill come back with more stuff put together! Ive got a review of a KR case coming up soon!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Face Lift

Allo all, just a quickie (ill stop ranting soon) ive given the blog a face lift and got some art in as well from Goat boy over at Bell of Lost Souls. He is a really ace guy and i recommend him if your after some art!

Anyway content will be arriving soon! Keep your eyes posted!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Coming SOOONNNN!!!!!!


i know its been awhile since ive posted but ive got some interesting stuff for you! The blog shall be following my trip to the x legion tournament and GT heat 1!

However it shall have to wait a day!

But here is something for you, a teaser!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

40k Space Marine Throne of Skulls Tournament Review

Allo again

Today i shall be discussing the space marine codex and its bearing in the Throne of skulls final and the state of marines in 5th edition.

My first impression of the book back last year was that it was amazing and it finally was going to give codex marines that much needed lift. The book itself is well presented and is perfect for introducing people to space marines as well as providing extra content for us veterans out there. The army list and structures are the most balanced in any book GW has currently produced. However there is nothing outstanding in the book that hasn't had some sort of suitable counter balance, which in most cases is the marines point costs. While they have been given a list of numerous options to make all sorts of armies from a tournament perspective there isnt anything outstanding to do with the book in comparison to other armies.

Eg -

Eldar, have aspects/psyhic powers
Choas have the lash and numerous hard troop types
Orks have sheer numbers and a very good basic troop

Now these are the other top armies seen in the Throne of skulls final. I did a small bit of number crunching of the stats to give you an overview of how marines did.

Standard Codex Armies -

Total Armies - 17
Total No of games - 102

Wins - 27
Loses - 47
Draw - 28

Win % = 38%

Non codex chapters
Win Ratio (%)
1x Black Templars - 0%
3x Space Wolves - 44%
1x Blood Angels - 50%
4x Dark Angels - 29%

Now bear in mind these stats are abit messy as there arent equal number of armies, but of the lot the wolves seem to do well as always. If we include all of the results we get the following -

Codex and Non Codex Chapters -

Total Armies - 26
Total No of Games - 156

Total Win - 45
Lose - 73
Draw - 38

Win (%) = 29%

So what does this say? Now bear in mind i should really include all the results from the other heats, but these results alone seem to suggest my theory that marine armies at 1500 points cant hack it at the top. Now at 1750 to 2000 i think marines are a force to be reckoned with. Anyway what do you guys think?????

In other news, i'm at warhammer world for the Carnage tournament next weekend, i am a 40k judge! So ill hopefully be putting up my experiences there with lots of photos!

Monday, 16 March 2009

40k Throne of Skull Results

IVe just nabbed this post from mad larkin over at warseer

just got back, had an epic weekend. Will post up a report of sorts, but for anyone interested:
1:Ugo Oliveti with 1 Council and other stuff Eldar
2:Simone Di Tomaso with Chaos, unsure of list
3 Allen El-Sour with Chaos,2 lash 4 oblits and Land raiding berzerkers
4:Alex Whitehead with 2 Council Eldar
5:Scott Young with i think 4 Battlewagon Ghazgul
6:Me (James McGlough) with Chaos, Abbadon, Kharne and 2 Land raiders.
7:Phil Walter with Nidzilla
8:Gary Percival with Orks
9:Andrew Taylor with Witchunters !
10avid Richardson with Orks

Lots of battlewagons, and the 2 top chaos armies had 2 lash and 1 land raider + some oblits. Armour 14 is the way to go.

Out of the top 50 there were:
14 Orks
12 Eldar
7 Chaos
4 Daemons
2 Witch hunters
2 Tyranids
2 Space marines
2 Space wolves
1 Necron
1 Blood angel
1 Dark eldar
1 Guard
1 Tau

So a nice representation from lots of armies, not as many chaos, and the high ones wernt 9 lash oblits. Lots of seer councils and battlewagons everywhere.

Had a great laugh, no problems, awesome time!

Will discuss later, but seems i was alittle wrong!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Throne of Skulls Final - My predicition!

Rightie, work has been a bugger, but ive been paid and have all the undercoat, pallets and paint i need! So progress pics will be coming.

Well my prediction for the final, i think these will be the top four in this order.

1) Orks
2) Eldar
3) Choas Marines
4) Tau

Possible outsiders!

Dark Angel doublewing armies
Choas Daemons

Its kinda sucky that a normal codex marine army hasnt won a TOS/GT. It does make me sad, though saying that the new book that GW released is the best intro book for beginners. Its the most balanced book with a host of options. But unlike the other armies it just doesn't quite have that killer edge that the other armies listed have got.

But we shall wait and see if im right.

If you got any ideas, let me know!

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Right, been alittle longer updating, but ive started a new job this week and waiting to be paid so i can finally buy some undercoat for my models. In the mean time ive been working on a few bits, a dread, some guardsmen and dare i say warmahcine. I know its a 40k blog but i thought id give you something to look at!

Anyway, i started this dread ages ago, im planning once GW release the silver skulls shoulder pads to do a legion of doom army. I really liked the colour scheme. Anyway here is a dread semi done. Im having abit of trouble with the green, getting it the right colour is abit of a bugger. Also as ive never really painted lenses, my first attempt failed, mainly due to putting the lines the wrong way round.

Ive also got some guard in the works for the up and coming codex and ill have some photos once i get round to painting them!

Here is something else ive been working on, its a thunderhead from warmachine. It was a bugger to pin! I also have been trying out different base ideas, this one i wanted it to look like her was walking through a small stream, so ive raised up the the front and used normal sand to look like the bottom of a stream.

Also its the GT finals next weekend, so ill be doing a little run up on what armies i expect to win this week!

Enjoy all.

(i promise no more warmachine!)

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Review - Coolminiornot Ultimate Painting Guide

Important Note – Being an internet fiend that I am. I’ve travelled many a hobby/warhammer/miniature site and one thing that I first noticed is that lots of the guides, if not all of them can be found on the web for FREE! I think all of them are from articles section on the coolminiornot website, which to me makes this guide abit of a fraud. I’m not slating the content, just the manner in which this guide somewhat tricks you into thinking its new content and that it hasn’t been rehashed from there article section! So just a word of warning to you all.

Cost: It cost $9.99 or £7.00 from their online store. Now this is for a pdf download. You get sent a link where you can download it from after payment. Their store currently has an issue with the SSL certificate as their website doesn’t show it. The mods at the moment don’t seem to be in a chatty mood either and getting a reply from them hasn’t been particularly great. I took the risk anyway, but again a warning point if you are thinking of buying anything else from them. I paid by paypal, so I had some sort of protection if things went wrong.

Content: Well despite the issues with the store and somewhat fraudulent nature of the guide, its actually quite good, content wise. While you can find all of the articles pretty much for free online on their website, it is nice having them all together in one tomb.

It covers all the basics of mini prep and painting that you will find in most painting guides. Ranging from pinning to highlighting and shading and does it abit more in-depth than most of the guides that I’ve seen (using GW’s as a comparison). It also then focuses on other techniques such as feathering and blending, but not in enough detail. There are very few good written guides though on that subject, mainly due to its difficult nature, through the kraken edition DVD (review soon) is meant to be brilliant for it!

The guide also has some step by step guides on various bits such as lighting effects, bases and painting models. All these guides are well written and have a good supply of pictures (300 page guide in total). In general the guide is well thought-out and covers a broad range of subjects including basic sculpting, making this a fairly good guide for the beginner or average painter looking to improve. Its just let down by the fact all this info is free if you take the time to search which lets it down.

Evaluation: Content wise, I can’t fault it at all, well presented and ordered, with loads of pictures and useful tips. It could however spent abit more time on the advanced techniques as these guides are a little rushed, but other than that it’s a excellent guide. I would recommended it, but as I’ve said the ‘dodgy’ nature of coolminiornot’s online store and contact is a real put off for me as its rather poor at the moment. Also the fact that the majority of the content can be found for free online is also another let down. Price wise, if the content hadn’t been around online for free, id say it’s a good price and this along with the shop issues lead me to give it:


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Guard, Guard, Guard

Ok, not quite what i promised. But, i still havent had a indepth look at the coolminiornot guide.

Anyway to make up for it, here are some thoughts on the up and coming guard codex

So for those of you who haven’t seen the leaked sheet

Now if this is all true, this I fear will make guard one of the hardest armies out there!Since I started playing 40k back in third edition, guard have always been seen as the whipping boys of 40k along with dark elder. Now GW last incarnation produced some cool models and a good set of working rules which when used properly can still challenge any of the main competitive armies out there. Proof of the pudding is the guard army which appeared 7th at the Throne of Skulls/GT heat 1 in 2008. Now this could be put down till people lack of experience with the new 5th edition, but to be honest most of the top players, shouldn’t have been troubled by the changes to the rules if they where that good.

Now along with another horde army, orks (which seems to be the way GW is going with armies for various reasons, ££££) the main changes are going to be points and correction of kill points for the guard, while giving them a load of cool new toys. Now a reason I suspect GW has put more tanks in this book than any other I know, is probably to allow people to use models in apoc and fun games a lot easier than making separate data sheets and a whole lot of hassle trying to find rules.

But the main thing I’ve noticed from my rumour gathering and this data sheet is the sheer amount of tanks there guard are going to have access to with lots of blast weapons. Now in 40k blast weapons are very, very nasty and when you take into account the average dice role on two dice is 7 coupled with the guard BS 3 means on average the templates will be moving 4 inches. Considering it’s a large template that most guard tanks fire, you should always hit something especially against horde armies and I imagine this will ignore most armour including marines. Failing that the guard are gonna have access to lots of weapons that have a medium/low strength with lots of shots (heavy bolter etc) and can force saves through sheer number of shots. Now this is balanced by the BS and hopefully cost. But I’ve got a feeling tanks are going to be cheap as chips.

Along with this, if you can have cheap infantry, which is a high probability, this makes a rather deadly combination. With the changes in assault rules it’s kinda dangerous to assault stuff without back up. A platoon of guard (30 to 40) is gonna be a hard thing to kill or move off an objective, especially if in cover and they got rapid fire range. So unless you can engage multiple units in order to give yourself time to wade through the bodies, you probably going to get flash lighted to death!

Now a lot of this is speculation from the sheet, but with the trend in previous horde like armies (orks) I could see the guard becoming horribly evil (for once). But we shall wait and see, if I get anymore info from anywhere ill be sure to post it up!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Welcome All

Well as everybodies blogging, so am i!

My names Max, ive been doing this hobby for over 10 years and thought id share some of the wisdom within the hobby to everyone out there. Primarily ill be writing some articles on the tournament scene in 40k as well as a variety of hobby guides and reviews of various gaming products which all relate to our favourate hobby, 40k!

So ill go do something constructive now, my first review will be the coolminiornot ultimate painting :(

I am currently looking for some help designing a logo (bunny with a bolter) im rather broke a the moment though if someone wants a brand new deciver and 2 brand new obliterators in part ex for helping design the logo that would be awersome! If interested leave an e-mail address and ill get in touch!