Friday, 26 June 2009

KR Multi Case Review

Today im gonna do another review, looking at the KR multi case. So lets get on with it.
  • Cost ?????
The case cost me 60 quid, cheapest i could find it from the Aldershot Game Shop in surrey. What was cool was i got to pick which set of foam i got! Other UK based retailers ive seen are Wargames Workshop and your looking at about 70 quid for the case including postage, its fairly steep to be honest when a GW case is 60 quid of similar size. So price wise its up at the top end of the scale for large cases, but to be honest for the money i think its about right maybe abit more expensive due to the cardboard boxes within.

  • Whats inside??
Inside you get two smaller cases which contain a nice blue foam, the first time i saw the case i was alittle put off by having cardboard cases, however the blue carry case is padded out nicely and the cases fit in nice and snuggley. And will easily protect the case from being hit around abit. As i said if only they made these out of a light plastic rather than cardboard, id be happier. Also when you consider the cost. You can buy foam and seperate cases from retailers, but your looking at about 20 quid each. While it means you can have one large case to carry and smaller ones to store, i still think its slightly over priced. Build quality though i cant fault at all, good stitching on the blue case, foam and boxes are fairly rigid for cardboard!

Inside you get to choose from a variety of foam, in this case i choose to take a tank section (custom one with removable foam) and a troop section which can get 36 models in each and there are three layers. But these are huge spaces for models and you probably could get 2 x 28mm models standing up in each slot. I was quite impressed with the foam to be honest and i reckon i can get about 5 guard tanks in one case (3 chrimea, 2 leman russ and a griffon).

Overall its a item im quite impressed with, despite being alittle on the steep side, build quality i cant fault and should last ages and will certainly deal with as much damage as my old plastic GW case. I went after it really as i want abit of flexibility with storage and this gives it despite being expensive. But also has tons of room in it for a case!

  • So i give it 8 bunnies out of 10. Mainly as if it was slightly cheaper it would be a steal! Also because its quite expensive for cardboard, i think the cases should be made from light weight plastic!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Imperial Guard in 6 weeks or so!

Rightie, so im been lazy ive finally got some pics etc to show.
Here is the colour scheme for the guard, the photo isnt great and its abit rough (mold lines etc) but it was done as a test and im quite happy with it, so this is the 322 nd Green Rifles regiment.

My current schedule is the following:

Command Squad
45 Guardsmen (heavy weapons and extra)
30 Veterans

3 Chimeras
Leman Russ

(plus maybe some inquisition stuff depending on rules packs)

Im currently in the construction phase (3 weeks) to construct that lot, ive so far got the command squad and about 20 guardsmen put together.

Here are some pics of the set up for the heavy weapon squads -

And here is a concept of a veteran that i borrowed from one of the guys at micro art studios, he used it for a mini's on a valk base.

So hopefully ill come back with more stuff put together! Ive got a review of a KR case coming up soon!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Face Lift

Allo all, just a quickie (ill stop ranting soon) ive given the blog a face lift and got some art in as well from Goat boy over at Bell of Lost Souls. He is a really ace guy and i recommend him if your after some art!

Anyway content will be arriving soon! Keep your eyes posted!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Coming SOOONNNN!!!!!!


i know its been awhile since ive posted but ive got some interesting stuff for you! The blog shall be following my trip to the x legion tournament and GT heat 1!

However it shall have to wait a day!

But here is something for you, a teaser!