Monday, 23 February 2009

Welcome All

Well as everybodies blogging, so am i!

My names Max, ive been doing this hobby for over 10 years and thought id share some of the wisdom within the hobby to everyone out there. Primarily ill be writing some articles on the tournament scene in 40k as well as a variety of hobby guides and reviews of various gaming products which all relate to our favourate hobby, 40k!

So ill go do something constructive now, my first review will be the coolminiornot ultimate painting :(

I am currently looking for some help designing a logo (bunny with a bolter) im rather broke a the moment though if someone wants a brand new deciver and 2 brand new obliterators in part ex for helping design the logo that would be awersome! If interested leave an e-mail address and ill get in touch!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! A bunny with a bolter, eh? That might be fun to try and draw.

  2. i do wonder how im going to draw it. A powered armoured rabit will be interesting.