Monday, 16 March 2009

40k Throne of Skull Results

IVe just nabbed this post from mad larkin over at warseer

just got back, had an epic weekend. Will post up a report of sorts, but for anyone interested:
1:Ugo Oliveti with 1 Council and other stuff Eldar
2:Simone Di Tomaso with Chaos, unsure of list
3 Allen El-Sour with Chaos,2 lash 4 oblits and Land raiding berzerkers
4:Alex Whitehead with 2 Council Eldar
5:Scott Young with i think 4 Battlewagon Ghazgul
6:Me (James McGlough) with Chaos, Abbadon, Kharne and 2 Land raiders.
7:Phil Walter with Nidzilla
8:Gary Percival with Orks
9:Andrew Taylor with Witchunters !
10avid Richardson with Orks

Lots of battlewagons, and the 2 top chaos armies had 2 lash and 1 land raider + some oblits. Armour 14 is the way to go.

Out of the top 50 there were:
14 Orks
12 Eldar
7 Chaos
4 Daemons
2 Witch hunters
2 Tyranids
2 Space marines
2 Space wolves
1 Necron
1 Blood angel
1 Dark eldar
1 Guard
1 Tau

So a nice representation from lots of armies, not as many chaos, and the high ones wernt 9 lash oblits. Lots of seer councils and battlewagons everywhere.

Had a great laugh, no problems, awesome time!

Will discuss later, but seems i was alittle wrong!