Saturday, 7 March 2009


Right, been alittle longer updating, but ive started a new job this week and waiting to be paid so i can finally buy some undercoat for my models. In the mean time ive been working on a few bits, a dread, some guardsmen and dare i say warmahcine. I know its a 40k blog but i thought id give you something to look at!

Anyway, i started this dread ages ago, im planning once GW release the silver skulls shoulder pads to do a legion of doom army. I really liked the colour scheme. Anyway here is a dread semi done. Im having abit of trouble with the green, getting it the right colour is abit of a bugger. Also as ive never really painted lenses, my first attempt failed, mainly due to putting the lines the wrong way round.

Ive also got some guard in the works for the up and coming codex and ill have some photos once i get round to painting them!

Here is something else ive been working on, its a thunderhead from warmachine. It was a bugger to pin! I also have been trying out different base ideas, this one i wanted it to look like her was walking through a small stream, so ive raised up the the front and used normal sand to look like the bottom of a stream.

Also its the GT finals next weekend, so ill be doing a little run up on what armies i expect to win this week!

Enjoy all.

(i promise no more warmachine!)