Friday, 13 March 2009

Throne of Skulls Final - My predicition!

Rightie, work has been a bugger, but ive been paid and have all the undercoat, pallets and paint i need! So progress pics will be coming.

Well my prediction for the final, i think these will be the top four in this order.

1) Orks
2) Eldar
3) Choas Marines
4) Tau

Possible outsiders!

Dark Angel doublewing armies
Choas Daemons

Its kinda sucky that a normal codex marine army hasnt won a TOS/GT. It does make me sad, though saying that the new book that GW released is the best intro book for beginners. Its the most balanced book with a host of options. But unlike the other armies it just doesn't quite have that killer edge that the other armies listed have got.

But we shall wait and see if im right.

If you got any ideas, let me know!