Sunday, 19 July 2009

Grand Tournament / Throne of Skulls Heat 1 Army

Here is my GT list im thinking of taking, it will be interesting i think. I think im gonna drop the plasma sponsors and use the points to upgrade to a Inquisitor Lord. But anyway let me know what you think


Company Command
Officer of the Fleet
Company Standard

Elites -

Allied Inquisitor
Power weapon/bolt pistol/Psychic hood

Troops -

Infantry Platoon

Command - Autocannon/Vox

Infantry squad (x2)
Power Weapon
Vox (x1)

Heavy Weapons Team
3 x lascannon

Troops -

Vet Squad (x1)
3 x Flamer
Chimera + heavy flamer

Vet Squad (x2)
3 x melta gun
Chimera + heavy bolters

Heavy Support -

2 x Griffon

Leman Russ
Heavy Bolter Sponsors

Leman Russ Demolisher
Plasma Cannons

Pts - 1496

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