Sunday, 19 July 2009

Guard Updates

Right here are some guard updates for you all, ive been pretty lazy with the conversions as im trying to save time and im behind on my schedule for this army! Ive been having troubles with my camera, so the pics arent great im afraid. This will improve!

Here is a skipper from one of my infantry squads using the cadian vet upgrades from forgeworld.

These are my veterans with the grenidiers option. Im using scouts as they come with shotguns plus, cadian heads and the respirator heads from forgeworld. These pics show my converisons for meltaguns. As you can see ive cut down and modded a bolter and im using guitar wire to rig up the back (melta bomb) and the gun. As you can see, though i havent put the wire on yet.

Here is a chimera for the flamer vets, ive masked off the tracks as im wearing and airbrushing the tank with oils first. Again im a fan of stripped down tanks, plain and simple!

Ill add some more photos as soon as i fix my camera! Hope you enjoy and competitions details to follow!

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