Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Writers / Hobbyists Wanted!!!

Ok my pics of my guard army are coming (i keep saying it but they will be) and i hope to be doing some more army list templates for people! But im after some budding hobbyists to do some tale of the 4 gamers and become regular contributors to 40k bunny in order to get the hobby out there abit more! And help me put more pics in this blog!

Im hoping to run some competitions and etc and id like some regular writers to help me out judging! As well as write about anything hobby related, such as covering events and tournaments, painting guides, tutorials and a whole load of other stuff, which i shall be doing as well!

So if you fancy becoming a regular writer here pls e-mail me at 40kbunny@googlemail.com with some ideas!

Also when we reach a 1000 views i shall be doing a competition to give away some free stuff!

Stay Tuned!

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