Saturday, 25 July 2009

Mystery Box and Space Hulk Rumour


as we know there is a mystery box coming out in august and according to my very very trusted sources i can say it is a board game of some sort from what ive been told. Where as space hulk will not be this splash release. Supposedly the tiles will be plastic and are currently being produced in china and should be out for the late quarter of the year.

Now i know its nothing special and the usual suspect sites have discussed this greatly. But some food for thought!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Grand Tournament / Throne of Skulls Heat 1 Army

Here is my GT list im thinking of taking, it will be interesting i think. I think im gonna drop the plasma sponsors and use the points to upgrade to a Inquisitor Lord. But anyway let me know what you think


Company Command
Officer of the Fleet
Company Standard

Elites -

Allied Inquisitor
Power weapon/bolt pistol/Psychic hood

Troops -

Infantry Platoon

Command - Autocannon/Vox

Infantry squad (x2)
Power Weapon
Vox (x1)

Heavy Weapons Team
3 x lascannon

Troops -

Vet Squad (x1)
3 x Flamer
Chimera + heavy flamer

Vet Squad (x2)
3 x melta gun
Chimera + heavy bolters

Heavy Support -

2 x Griffon

Leman Russ
Heavy Bolter Sponsors

Leman Russ Demolisher
Plasma Cannons

Pts - 1496

GW Rumours! Star wars looking!


right this photo was taken in march, when i was at warhammer world looking through windows being abit naughty. God knows what it is, maybe just somebodies side project but looks very star wars ish!

So who knows, probably nothing but ya never know!

Guard Updates

Right here are some guard updates for you all, ive been pretty lazy with the conversions as im trying to save time and im behind on my schedule for this army! Ive been having troubles with my camera, so the pics arent great im afraid. This will improve!

Here is a skipper from one of my infantry squads using the cadian vet upgrades from forgeworld.

These are my veterans with the grenidiers option. Im using scouts as they come with shotguns plus, cadian heads and the respirator heads from forgeworld. These pics show my converisons for meltaguns. As you can see ive cut down and modded a bolter and im using guitar wire to rig up the back (melta bomb) and the gun. As you can see, though i havent put the wire on yet.

Here is a chimera for the flamer vets, ive masked off the tracks as im wearing and airbrushing the tank with oils first. Again im a fan of stripped down tanks, plain and simple!

Ill add some more photos as soon as i fix my camera! Hope you enjoy and competitions details to follow!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Writers / Hobbyists Wanted!!!

Ok my pics of my guard army are coming (i keep saying it but they will be) and i hope to be doing some more army list templates for people! But im after some budding hobbyists to do some tale of the 4 gamers and become regular contributors to 40k bunny in order to get the hobby out there abit more! And help me put more pics in this blog!

Im hoping to run some competitions and etc and id like some regular writers to help me out judging! As well as write about anything hobby related, such as covering events and tournaments, painting guides, tutorials and a whole load of other stuff, which i shall be doing as well!

So if you fancy becoming a regular writer here pls e-mail me at with some ideas!

Also when we reach a 1000 views i shall be doing a competition to give away some free stuff!

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Guard Army List Template


ive been busy putting models together! I promise pics soon. However in my mean time ive created some easy to use army list templates for guard. To use them, using open office or word, format the page and set the image as a background. I made these in A4 size in order to fit the page. You will need to re set the page margins in order to fit.

Army List Template 1

Army List Template 2

Or if your lazy ive put it into a file for you here

Army List Template in Word

I have based these on the bolter and chainsaword ones you can get. However ive removed the top as i found it to be quite annoying. Also because there template arent quite the correct size as well.

If you got any ideas for improvements let me know.

Some Guard Tourney Lists


sorry i haven't updated. Been busy with work, however ive got photos coming tomorrow of what ive been upto. Any, ive decided on my guard list and colour scheme (hope it looks gd). But ive been having alook at other guard lists im likely to see at the GT and i think this will be a popular one.

(Nabbed from Warseer)

Command w/ 4 Melta guns (Ride in the 2 Vendetta Squadron)

10 Veterans w/ 3 Melta guns (Ride in the 2 Vendetta Squadron

10 Veterans w/ 3 Melta guns (Ride in a Vendetta)

10 Veterans w/ 3 Melta guns (Ride in a Vendetta)

2 Vendettas



Lemun Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter sponsors

Lemun Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter sponsors

Lemun Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter sponsors


Personally i think that its a one trick pony army that needs the first turn to cause the damage to tanks and any infantry sitting about. If it doesnt get turn one it will struggle against most armies. As AV12 isnt gonna save you from most things sitting about in armies. Using mine for comparison, ive got 4 autocannons, 3 multi lasers, 6 melta guns, battlecannon and demo cannon and plasma cannons. I would only have to damage 2 or 3 out of the 6 and it would cause problems. Admitelly i dont like facing leman russ, i love the fact mine are quite hardy and i have a feeling so are other peoples! Outlfanking is unreliable to be honest in a tourney situation, its a big gamble.

Also the major problem with a valk is its size and this paragrapgh taken from the 40k rulebook.

P71 - Small one

Skimmer section at the bottom

'Note that it is not permitted to remove the flying stand other than in two cases above, as normally skimmers cannot land in battle conditions'

The two cases are basically when it gets immoblized or blown up.

This means you got 6 massive models that have to be on very large stands, which means nice big targets!

So anyway ill put my army list up with some pics tomorrow. But please discuss! It be interesting to see what your guys and gals think or the army?